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Installing Magento theme generated with Theme Factory is easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. Download your generated theme ZIP file

    download theme
  2. Unzip ZIP file to your magento root folder

    extract theme
    note: you can either unzip file locally and copy it to the server (for example with FTP) or copy zip file to your server and unzip it there with a command line or any other unzipping tool.
  3. Activate your theme in Magento administration panel. To do that go to Magento Admin panel > Content > Design > Configuration.

    content configuration
  4. Find your active Store view (or Store/Website, depending on your Magento setup) and click Edit

    edit design config
  5. Choose your new theme in Applied Theme dropdown and save your changes

    apply theme

That's all, you should now have your nice and shiny new look in Magento website.

Due to Magento architecture you might face some issues after applying new theme. If it does not work right away, here are few things to do next. See if your theme starts working after each steps, usually you don't have to complete all of them:

  1. Clear Magento Cache
  2. Clear Static Content
  3. Regenerate Static Content